Our vision is to become the most efficient LBC with the highest market share in the internal marketing of cocoa with solid farmer base producing cocoa sustainably.
The company’s mission is to purchase good quality cocoa from farmers and deliver same to COCOBOD profitably by organizing and sustaining farmer groups to meet the expectations of all stakeholders.

Adwumapa buys cocoa from Fifty-six (56) Districts spreading over the entire cocoa growing areas of Ghana. The company buys 10% of Ghana's cocoa. An expansion programme is currently going on to open ten (10) more Districts in the coming Main Crop Season which starts in October 2002.
The Long term goal is to buy 25% of Ghana's Cocoa by 2007
The company has been given the licence to export 30% of the total quantity of Cocoa purchased during the year. The Government of Ghana is yet to liberate fully the external marketing of Cocoa.

It has been the objective of the Company to help farmers improve their yield. Chemicals and fertilizers are normally supplied to farmers to be supplied on the farms. The Company has not been able to supply them free to farmers. The help Adwumapa gives to the farmers in this direction is securing Inputs for them on soft credit terms and the company is currently looking for organisations to come to its aid in a bid to help the farmers improve their lot.

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